I'll never grow old ... and some of my other favorite fantasies!

I’ll never grow old … and some of my other favorite words of fiction!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Official Announcement

I did it! I announced the release of my debut novel, Master of Emotion, last night. I think everyone who writes should e-publish at least one book, just for the learning experience. So here's the press release:

Beau’s getting loads of attention lately. Whether he wants it or not. Even if it’s his worst nightmare.

Announcing the release of Master of Emotion, a YA paranormal romance by D. Ogden Huff.

When a reclusive teen with the enhanced ability to read others’ emotions finds more teens with similar powers, he must confront his fears before a budding romance and his twin brother’s life fall into the hands of the devious doctor who created them all.

 For a longer summary of the novel, go to the following sites:

All proceeds of this novel (after taxes and tithing) will be donated to a tax deductible charity benefiting my nephew who has a severe, often life-threatening, form of Celiac Disease. See his story at http://prayformarky.blogspot.com/ . You can also go into any America First branch (in Utah) to make a Tax Free donation. The account is listed as, "Mark Jeanes Charitable Donations Account".

If you want it free, review it for me on your blog, Amazon, or Goodreads. When you send me the post to huff_house@yahoo.com, I’ll send you a coupon code for a free book. (Unless, of course, you want to make the charitable donation to my nephew’s charityJ)

This is the same novel that was a Quarterfinalist in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards under the previous name of “Walls.”

Here’s another reason to read it—check out my experiment. Movies have soundtracks. Why not novels?

Within the text of the novel, when you find something that looks like this:

“(Listen to the unofficial Master of Emotion Soundtrack –
Song Title” from Secondhand Serenade’s “Album Title” album at http://www.myspace.com/secondhandserenade/music/songs/song title-#)”

 I invite you to go follow the link and go to the internet and listen to one of Secondhand Serenade’s songs that fit the emotion of that moment in the novel. I’ve included a website address or two where you might be able to listen to the full song.

Here’s a short preview of the novel, but if you go to the Smashwords site at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/111566 you can read 20% of my book.

Chapter 1 – “Sorry.”

 It was the same feeling every time. My legs wouldn’t move.

He stood at the end of the crowded middle school hallway, his lifeless eyes boring a hole into me. Eyes of the walking dead. Body of any other pre-teenager. Everyone around us hurried and bustled, completely unaware of him.

He staggered toward me, his head hung low and the hood of his sweatshirt now shrouding his face. Methodically, his feet dragged with every step, as if he forced them on, using perpetual motion to push down the hall. He walked like a pallbearer carries the casket of his dead mother.

I wanted to run, to hide, to get as far away from the school as I could, but my feet had sunk down into the tiles of the hallway as if I wore cement shoes. They wouldn’t even budge. Not even a single crack.

He adjusted the strap of his backpack as we passed. I stood there, unable to move, as the boy’s exposed hand brushed against my bare shoulder. The touch only lasted a millisecond, but it hit me with the force of a collision that ripped through me and doubled me over.

My chest was imploding. Darkness filled my head and my limbs, the pit of my stomach, and choked down my throat.

“Sorry,” he mumbled as passed.

The hallway pushed in on me, squeezing me like a python suffocating its prey, but the world felt distant, like all its inhabitants had turned their back on me.  The darkness consumed me, seeped through my skin like thick, cold tar. It filled me with uncontrollable grief and isolation that weighed down my whole frame and soul. I could feel my eyes drying, cracking, from the months of crying the boy had endured. My whole body wanted to escape itself.

I couldn’t live like this. There had to be a way out. I would do anything to make this feeling stop.

I clutched my chest, holding my insides in.


I sat up in bed, panting, my shirt soaked with sweat. The nightmare seemed as real as that evening, six years ago, when my twin brother found me curled up in the corner of an abandoned classroom, still sobbing and wanting to die.

But I was alive. He had found me in time.

Unlike the boy from the hallway, who they found the next morning, sprawled on his bathroom floor with his stomach full of pills from his mother’s medicine cabinet.

Me? I haven’t touched anyone since.

I hope you enjoy the novel!

DeAnn Ogden Huff

Master of Emotion (Book 1) (release date 12/8/11)
Supreme Chancellor of Stupidity (Book 2) (expected release date January, 2012)
Once Upon a Tour (expected release date February, 2012)

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