I'll never grow old ... and some of my other favorite fantasies!

I’ll never grow old … and some of my other favorite words of fiction!

Supreme Chancellor of Stupidity (Book 2)

SUPREME CHANCELOR OF STUPIDITY - YA Paranormal - 2nd in a series of four – COMPLETED April 2011 at 95K words.

Before Beau's twin, BRYCE, can win a girl's trust and affection, he must learn how to control his habit of touching everyone to read their thoughts.

How do you get the girl you like to trust you more? Only Bryce would decide that pretending to kiss another girl was a good idea. You’d think a guy who could read thoughts would understand women better. But that’s what got him into trouble in the first place—he let his lips do the thinking.

But it was just one kiss. How much damage could one kiss inflict?

With the threat of the demented doctor who kidnapped him still looming, Bryce, an extroverted teen with the ability to read thoughts through physical contact suffers the consequences of an ill-timed kiss from his current crush, Amye. In an attempt to learn to control his habit of touching and gain Amye's trust, he enlists the help of another girl, Emily.

But how long can he fake a relationship with Emily before Amye discovers his secret? Or before their fake relationship becomes a real one? And will these distractions put his new girlfriend, his twin brother, and the rest of his sensory enhanced friends in harm’s way?

As Bryce uncovers their mysterious past, he will reveal his worst enemy—himself.


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